Aluminium Windows

CK Doors Highlights the Advantages of Aluminium Windows

Traditional UPVC or wood type windows have been used for generations. Today, slimline double-glazed aluminium windows are more preferred by homeowners and businesses. Aluminium framed windows offer many advantages, including durability over time and clearer views to the outside. Also, they do not warp and are resistant to the weather.

Customers benefit from the options available to them. More than 300 colours to choose from and a highly durable powder coating mean each unit can be tailored to the client’s needs. Numerous size choices make the products more versatile as well.

Aluminium windows Slim Design with a Wide Range of Possibilities

Windows are the same as doors but not so high. As long as the opening meets our minimum height requirement of 1m (1000mm) you can have fully retractable sliding windows to the same standards as our doors.

The frames on aluminium windows from CK Doors are among the thinnest on the market. These windows can be used anywhere, during new construction and renovations.

The frame thickness is 50% less than other windows. They are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and delivered and installed within four weeks. Colour coded handles and blinds are options here too, as is Solar Glass, Self-Cleaning Glass and tinted.

Glazing is another option. Double glazed glass products are filled with argon and feature warm edged spacers, adding to the thermal efficiency properties. Integral blinds are also available, as an optional extra.

Better yet, delivery and installation is included in the price so all customers can experience the benefits of CK Doors’ aluminium windows.