Folding Sliding Doors

Sliding Patio Doors – A Popular Home Improvement Product from CK Doors


Now one of the most popular items for homeowners, folding sliding doors provide the amenities of clear views and added home value. They allow as much as 90% more sunlight inside, something wood or plastic framed bifolds or patio doors cannot do. Better yet, CK Doors employs skilled experts who take precise measurements to ensure the glass, colour, and options such as integral blinds match perfectly with the opening.


Folding sliding doors have many benefits, including flexibility in size. Single door installations are just as manageable as 10 metre wide combinations designed, fabricated, and installed by professionals at CK Doors. No matter how many sliding panels are installed, no additional space is needed to open them. Traditional folding doors require space many homeowners don’t have.


An innovative design means more glass and a larger field of view to the outside. If that’s not enough, our sliding glass doors have a larger glass surface area allows more light in and more energy to stay inside. Higher energy ratings on the label demonstrate a unique benefit, which is even better proven by how much clients can save on their energy bills. Also, folding slider doors allow for lower CO2 emissions. They play a role in protecting the environment.


Sliding Patio Doors are more than Just Basic Convenience


The folding sliding doors sold by CK Doors can feature thermally broken aluminium, maximizing thermal performance, and a slim-line frame profile. There are more than 300 colours available and the entire installation can be customized to the client’s specific requirements. From measurement to final installation it takes about four weeks.


Beginning with a full site survey, the company maintains tight lead times, even by UK standards. CK Doors can handle any project since it has years of experience developing modern door systems. All folding sliding doors are produced in one facility, complete with RAL colours and all options.


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